About usSurfing the web to find aviators, cat eye glasses, shields or wayfarers? Need polarized, gradient, double-gradient or mirror-coated lenses? We have all of these, and even more, as Godness Optics works with numerous brands and manufacturers worldwide, covering all tastes and demands.

Easy choice with Godness Optics

We are customer-centered at Godness Optics. Which means we are going to tackle each and every concern of yours, from ‘Do I need to wear sunglasses in winter?’ to ‘How do I know this model suits me?’. Although the virtual try-on is still being developed for our website, our team has a proven track record in selling eyewear, both offline and online.

We know how to assist you with choosing your model and type of sunglasses, even if it’s the first time you are purchasing online. Whether you are concerned about polarization and UV filters, choice of brand, or hesitate which model to buy, our friendly and professional team will be glad to assist.

So let’s start and choose a pair of sunglasses for you!

Cheap quality eyewear? Yes, it’s possible

One of the most frequent questions our customers ask is how quality sunglasses can be sold at such a low price. We will shed some light on it. It’s no secret that the sky-high prices of the branded eyewear and clothes are attributed to the quality and cost of production only to a minor percent. In reality, you can find a pair of sunglasses which looks no less cool and protect your eyes to the same extent at much lower price. You just need to check the brands that do not spend billions on advertising.

So why pay the brands for their ad costs? Pay for the comfort, style and quality only! Will anyone know your sunglasses are not a hugely expensive Dior? Hardly! What is more, you are likely to get even more compliments, as your glasses will look no less stylish. Will they protect your eyes from UV the same way as RayBan? Sure. The technologies have gone far, and the same polarization is now used by dozens of smaller brands.